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1/2022:  Our new​ field season has officially started! We'll be sharing photos from the wetlands of the northern San Francisco Estuary over the next few months! Maybe we'll start a blog, it's always exciting out there on the water. 

11/2021:  Our latest paper is fully published in the journal Environmental DNA, and Dr. Jungbluth's photo of our favorite anadromous smelt (Spirinchus thaleichthys) made the cover-collage! Check it out here

8/2021: We've got a new masters student starting in the EOS Center IMES program, Erick Ortiz. Dr. Jungbluth is very excited to bring him on board to start work on our new Microbes to Zooplankton project sequencing the diversity of species in wetland restoration sites across the upper estuary. Stay tuned, this is our major project in the upcoming year(s). 

Fall 2021: We are in a phase of wrapping up recent projects and planning new ones. Our lab will be interested in recruiting at least one new graduate student for Fall 2022 to work on upcoming projects, and we are always happy to chat about volunteer opportunities if you want to get your feet wet in the world of zooplankton ecology and molecular biology. Contact me to learn more!

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